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Archive for December 2010

Speed Round 2010

This week ends the Sharing is Scary campaign and well as the year with His end of year Summary of the event of 2010.

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At the Shop

The Sharing is Scary Campaign Continues, This week our host does his 2nd mobile podcast to his old stomping grounds. Where he met up with the fellas T-biggs and Ike. Listen as they shoot the s*** ( Warning lot of gay Jokes)

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Meet Tiger

This week our host continues his "Sharing is Scary" campaign with the first ever mobile podcast and in his travels he gain a sit down with super fan P-Dub . Join them as they talk about life, marriage , bachlorhood and even cats.

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Bitch Ratio

This week our host starts off his " Sharing is Scary" Campaign in which all through the month of December Sam Shares the mic with random guest. This week he is with his wife as they discuss domestic issues, DVR and the corners of Sam's mind the Spank Bank.

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