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Recap the week with BK and Sam as they Break down what Trust is .

Going over the news of the week with no solid proof of what happened

Tasha and Sam learn about the Mandela Effect

Ike , BK and Sam enter a BBQ Rib Cook off and talk about the results

Mike Randle calls into the podcast to get everyone ready for the 2019 Fantasy Football Season.

Debate coverage and other news of the week from BK and Sam.

More R. Kelly and Mueller Testimony and other news with BK ,Tasha and Sam back who is back from vacation

Erin from Blerd with a Blog calls in the podcast to give a review of Spider-man : Far From Home and SDCC 2019.

Sam and Tasha recap missed events on a vacation week.

Of all the news stories this past week.  Sam and BK can only focus on one story each.

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