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Archive for November 2014

This week our host chats it up with Junebug and Rio of the Electrifying Soul-shaking Rio & the Rockabilly Revival.

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Alyssa Simmons

This week our host chats it up with super talented singer / songwriter Alyssa Simmons about the release of her new album "Now or Never" and also about her favorite TV show The Walking Dead

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Holla Back

This week our host and an All Star Crew talk about mattresses and the internet sensation know as the HollaBack! Street Harassment Video

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Dharma for One

This week our Host sits and talks with members of the up and coming band Dharma for One . They talk music, Jethro Tull, Jamming at Partys and being brought in to the Detroit Music Scene.

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Irish Goodbye

This Week Our Host and Tasha recap their super busy Halloween Weekend

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