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This week our Host, Mannie and Big Maine returns to methodically break down the movie the Man of Steel THERE ARE LOTS OF SPOILERS IN THE PODCAST!!!!!!!

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Re- Analyzing The NBA

This week our Host and Ike returns to methodically re-examine and argue about the 2013 NBA final, pick new summer sports and battle over how great Rick Fox actually is and doing this with no facts, no research just strong opinions.

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1st Fathers Day

This week on the Podcast Tasha Takes control and interviews Our Host about what its like being a father.

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Analyzing The NBA

This week our with the Help of Ike methodically examine the 2013 NBA season with no facts, no research just strong opinions

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White Shag

This week our Host sits and talks with members of the Stoner / Glam Rock Powerhouse  known as White Shag . Hear them talk about music , their start , teaching and tearing up the Detroit music scene  as one of the hottest bands in the city.

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