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Archive for January 2011

One take Sam

This week our host rants about Hamsters, Lesbo Gym Teachers and John Popper at Break neck speed in order for him to eat chicken and watch Pro Wrestling

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Maximum Hotness

This week our host finds a new character for the show, Explores maximum hotness as well as being hated on by the wife

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Patriot Games

This week our host obsesses about the result of the Jets/ Patroits Game as well explains one of his guilty pleasures

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DIY Podcast

This week Our host is by himself because of his sports gambling , He has a new digital co host and lastly still tring to find new bits for the show.

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False Start

This episode our host kicks off 2011 with his New Years Eve Experience (or lack , there of) , and his New year's day of Super hero -ness

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