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Archive for August 2010

On this episode Our host meets the band Fang Island, Kinda helps with the Obama election process and retires all in one show.

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Big Maaaan!!!!!!

On this episode our host finds out hes a B average man and also the job of running the board isn't that great

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Steak Night

This week our host talk intensely with his encounter with R&B Superstar Usher, His future kids and BIG Shaq all while waiting on a steak dinner

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Live Nude Radio Show

This week our host examines kids,bachelor party, breakups,movies, the top ten Mel Gibson quotes While getting a little sexy

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This week our host explores the world of cuddle parties, fleshlights, revisits cheat watch and has enough time to start a radio beef all before making it to his church picnic

Special Guest :Big Brother Jermaine

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